Help everyone in your household stay on the same page

Learn how Nooli can help you keep track of life and organise your household.

Overwhelmed by all the school emails?

Nooli brings your household's calendars, email, notifications and actions into one place, so you can keep everyone on the same page.

No more forwarding emails, no more paper calendars and no more missed appointments.

Colour-coded daily agendas showing all of your activities for the day.

One heart, many households

Does some of your household occasionally live in other households?

Nooli supports multiple households so you can help your children stay organised, even if they don't always live with you.

Nooli keeps you in control, allowing you to share important events with other households whilst protecting the privacy of your own.

Getting through it, together

Help your community save time and effort by sharing calendar events from group emails you all received

Never miss that reminder for uniform-free days at school, or the need to wear red socks to sports training, purely because it was hidden at the bottom of a lengthy email.

Nooli allows the organised super-heroes of our community to create  calendar events for their own household, then share it with others  so they can save time.

Private and secure by design, as it should be

Your household data is encrypted, kept private, and can only be seen by you.

Nooli protects your most sensitive information by automatically encrypting your data.

Your household information is completely private, even from the creators of Nooli, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

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