Frequently Asked Questions

Nooli will be available in the Apple App Store in early 2023, only for Australian users at this stage as we iron out some kinks. We are hoping for US, UK and European App Store releases in the near future.

Absolutely. We want Nooli to be enjoyed by as many users as possible. Initially Nooli will only be available for iOS mobile phones, but an Android version will follow soon after once we iron out the kinks.

Initially Nooli currently supports your household connecting their Gmail and Google Calendar accounts to your Nooli Household. However we have already started on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and SMS connectivity too.

Nooli is a household-focussed collaboration and productivity tool. You can have as many people as you like in your Nooli Household, who can each connect their accounts and easily put events into the Household Calendar. However only those with 'Organiser' status can oversee all content in your Nooli household.

No. Each user's connected accounts are private only to them. However people can tag other household members in their emails or calendar events, which shares it with others. Household Organisers can only see everything in the Household Calendar, and can equally share the workload of actioning all of the emails and messages that come into your household on a daily basis.

Yes of course! Nooli is a household-focussed collaboration and productivity tool, designed for multiple Household Organisers to share the workload in managing everyone in your household. After you create your own Nooli account and setup your Household, you can then invite your partner to join as an "Organiser" like you. Household Organisers have equal access to your Household account, and you can have as many "organisers" as you want.

Absolutely. Nooli is for everyone in the household. You can invite your kids into your Nooli Household using their email address (mobile phone invites are coming soon). If your children are too young to have their own email address yet, you can easily add them manually yourself so you can tag them on events and keep track of their schedules.

Yes Nooli will be free whilst we fix the last bugs and iron out the final kinks in the app. Once we think Nooli is "ready" we will introduce some form of subscription payment, including a FREE tier.

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Nooli is free while we complete the finishing touches.